M A L A C A R A 

Created at the very heart of Oaxaca’s most iconic Mezcal Region, Santiago Matatlán, by local artisans whose families have worked this land for centuries. 

Crafted by imperfect souls and hard working hands—with the aid of the sun, the earth, and a deep respect for tradition. 

Malacara is meant to be celebrated and shared. Easygoing and inviting—yet full with flavour—it balances citric and herbal notes with a delicate smoky touch.

Rooted in an ancient culture of imperfect souls and hard-woking hands, Mezcal Malacara displays an imaginary universe inspired by mystical elements that complement the unique flavour characteristic to the brand.

The twisted legend of Silvestre Malacara is depicted through hand drawn imagery. All of which were created using traditional illustration techniques that are enhanced by classical printing methods on a variety of carefully curated rudimentary materials.

The monochromatic palette is the finishing touch on the uneasy atmosphere of all that is Malacara: and unknown universe that was never meant to remain hidden.

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